about the artist

Michael Shindler

A master of his craft, the art of tintype, Michael story-tells with the alchemy of chemicals and light. Using 19th century methods and 21st century equipment to produce exceptional images of honesty.

Much of photography has become about creating an idealized vision of the world, Michael is more interested in showing something true, and to accept and celebrate that truth.

This technique establishes a unique connection to the subject. They become a collaborator in his pursuit of an artistic vision. Having a portrait taken by Michael is an uncommon experience, an opportunity to witness a piece of metal transform into a timeless memento.

“Looking at a 150-year-old tintype portrait, and understanding how it was made, it is impossible not to feel connected to that person in some way. It is as if you were holding in your hand the hat they wore in the picture. The tintype, too, was there in the room and bears the trace of its subject.”

These photographs are a commitment to time. Unlike any other portrait process, the ego and body evaporate, leaving an imprint of the soul in silver on the plate.